Propeller Fan

No Heat, No Fluff, No Fume:

These fans Provide Heat, Fume and undesirable vapor free machine Area. This Heat Extractor Unit is manufactured with Aluminum Blades, Wire mesh guard and manual shutter. The fan works in a manner to bring the temperature down inside the machine area to comfort level.  As a result efficiency of  working personnel increases. These fans are ideal for machine rooms, switch rooms, generator rooms and electric sub-stations to prevent them from over heating and where ever very large air flow is required

Model Features

  • Light weight Aluminum blades 6 Nos.
  • Installed in square G.I frame for corrosion free operation.
  • Supplied in four sizes 54”x54”,x48”x48”, 42”x42” & 36”x36”.
  • Belt driven.
  • Cast Steel hi strength pulleys